Iphone Battery Life Warranty forever

Iphone Battery Life

Iphone Battery Life Warranty forever

your iphone battery, ipad, does not last long enough, discover six tips to optimize the life of your battery.

1-Battery status:

check the state of your battery, the duration of use from the first day activation.

battery status
reading status of battery

2- -Charging the battery.

do not recharge your iphone or ipad battery more than twice a day, the third time with a power bank.

third charge
third charge for iphone & ipad battery.

3- specific battery charger for iphone and ipad.

do not use powerful chargers to charge your iphone because the faster the battery charges, the more the battery is damaged. I recommend a charger with a maximum rating of 2.5w or 3.5w.

NO ,for iphone
NO ,for iphone
GOOD for life battery
GOOD for life battery

4-turbo charger [ very bad for all iphones ]

I advise you to avoid 6w,8w,16w,20w,26w,30w turbo chargers.


.5-turn on dark mode [ios 13 upg]

dark mode
dark mode saving energy.

6-activate the optimized charging option.

Iphone Battery Life Warranty forever
Iphone Battery Life Warranty forever

updating to the lastest version also can minimze battery status

if you need help


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