10 most used dongles and boxes 2022

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10 most used dongles and boxes 2022

to unlock, decode, flash repair imei of a phone, you need a dongle or a box.  each phone has a particular CPU . there are too many cpu types: MTK, exynos, qualcomm, SPD, hisilicon  … etc. each dongle or a box is good at a particular CPU. for example, if your phone is MTK CPU, CM2 is the best dongle in reseting, repair imei, flashing. 

cm2 dongle 

Infinity CM2 Dongle is a dongle protected software for GSM and CDMA models. World-famous 'Chinese Miracle' software for MTK / MediaTek, etc. World-famous 'Chinese Miracle-2' software for MTK / MediaTek, SPD / Spreadtrum, RDA / Coolsand, etc.

CM2 Features

  • Well known GSM and CDMA brands / models supported
  • Chinese Miracle MTK based brands / models supported
  • Standalone software (no Internet connection required)
  • SP-unlock: unlock (remove / clear) network, provider locks
  • Set network, provider locks
  • Read unlock codes
  • Flash read / write (high speed)
  • Write any part of Flash separately
  • (firmware, customization, flex, map, file system (FFS), language pack)
  • Upgrade / downgrade firmware
  • Repair damaged IMEI
  • Remove / clear / read user / phone lock code
  • Reset to default / factory settings
  • Repair dead phones
  • Read Flash / EEPROM area backup
  • Repair software-related problems
  • Read unlock codes: network, provider codes, user / phone code
  • Empty board flashing (for example, after flash chip replacement)
  • Format file system
  • SCAT files read / write
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eft pro dongle 

EFT PRO Dongle is a dongle, unlike other dongles, has too many brands and different CPU such as MTK, QUALCOMM. It has also new and exclusive root method for phones that use boot.img flash file. It can also flash, remove FRP on All Samsung New & old security.

eft features

- Direct Unlock SAMSUNG Exynos
- Direct Unlock SAMSUNG SPD
- Direct Unlock SAMSUNG Qualcomm
- Spreadrum IMEI + Network Repair
- DRK Repair UART
- Qualcomm repair IMEI & NV
- Remove FRP All Samsung (new & old security)

z3x box 

Samsung Tool Pro is a professional phone software. it is the best at samsung and lg so far.

z3x features

  • Flash
  • Unlock
  • Remove Screen Lock
  • Repair IMEINVM/EFS, Root etc for 95% Samsung Smartphones.
  • Get a working device customized to suit your needs!

sigma key or box 

sigma key is a  professional service tool for multiple brands, not tied to a specific model list. Available as both a box and a dongle. we can not talk about huawie devices  fixing  without talking about sigma. it is  fast, secure, and powerful.

sigma key features
  • Direct unlock
  • Read / Calculate all unlock codes
  • Read user code
  • Remove FRP
  • Flash/Backup
  • Service: Calibration settings, Flex
  • Restore IMEI / WiFi / Bluetooth / other numbers
  • Multilingual software interface
  • Support for the latest operating systems

hcu client box 

HCU Client for Huawei it's complex solution for service and unlock Huawei devices. By using HCU you can not only unlock phone or boot loader but also repair IMEI, BT, Wifi, SN or even remove FRP. It's only solution like this on market.

hcu client features

- Supported 500+ Huawei models and modifications
- Supported Hisilicon, Quallcom, MTK CPU’s
- Repair IMEI, IMEI2
- Repair WIFI, Bluetooth
- Repair SN
- Repair Vendor, Country
- Read unlock codes,Unlock
- Read bootloader code,Lock bootloader
- Unlock FRP

hydra dongle

Hydra Tool is a service software that manages many models within many brands, many modules, many functions.

hydra tool features
  • OPPO - Special Repair (repair Dead device from TestPoint)
  • OPPO - Remove Demo (Flash Mode)
  • OPPO - ID Remove (Flash Mode)
  • Read / Write RPMB (eMMC and UFS)
  • Enable One Boot Option.
  • Ultra Option FRP + Format Userdata.
  • Xiaomi Authorized Standalone and Hydra Server.
  • BROM Exploit for most new CPUs.

pandora tool 

Z3X Pandora Tool is a powerful instrument for working with many phones and tablets based on Mediatek chipsets. It is developed according to the latest needs and trends. This product has powerful hardware part that is built into a sturdy aluminum box. Cables and power adapter of top-notch quality are included. Software part is optimized to use with high definition monitors. User interface is simple and intuitive, it's easy to work with.

pandora tool features
  • Developed according to the latest demand
  • Software part is optimized for HD monitors
  • Powerful hardware and high-quality cables
  • Box-device connection at Maximum possible port speed
  • Easy to use interface
10 most used dongles 2022
10 most used dongles 2022

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