Lg velvet 5g downgrade to android 10


Lg velvet 5g downgrade to android 10

Lg velvet 5g downgrade to android 10. To downgrade your Lg velvet 5g  to android 10, you need read carefully this article.Are you using an LG VELVET 5G? If yes, are you looking for a way to flash you Lg velvet 5G? If yes is your answer again, you are in the right page. You are in the page where you find everything there is to know about Lg velvet 5g flashing process. To use your phone again, follow my coherent instructions.

how to downgrade lg 5g to android 10

downgrade is a flashing operation. You can downgrade your phone from Android 11 to Android 10, i.e from OneUI 3.0 to OneUI 2.0 or 2.5. it allows to reduce security levels and patchs. as in the video bellow, i downgrade my lg velvet 5g from android 11 to android 10 to bypass frp.


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