tablette accent fast 7 3G FRP Bypass without Talkback, computer

Are you using an accent fast 7 3G tablet? If yes, are you looking for a way to remove Google account? If yes is your answer again, you are in the right page. You are in the page where you can bypass FRP on your device. To use your tablet again, follow my coherent instructions in the video bellow.

Recently, Android operating system developers stopped some methods that we depend on to remove Google account such as talkback, hush SMS and SD Card.

I personally found out a new method to remove FRP; after several attempts to bypass Google account on tablet accent fast7 3G, I finally could find this refuge (solution)

All what you need is SIM Card with sufficient balance to send a message

  • Insert SIM Card  in your tablet
  • Use another phone or tablet to make a call
  • Once you see your fast 7 3G ringing, try cancel the call
  • List of messages will be shown
  • Don’t select any of them, but write your own message  and sent it  
  • just select the message you sent and share it with Google go application
  • type the following website:
  • In my website you will find all the applications needed to do this operation.

Note: depending on the version you have on your tablet you download the application. In you will find a list of applications. Here they are listed:

version : 5.x

Version : 6.x

Version : 7.x

Version : 8.x

Version : 9.x

In our case we have tablet fast 7 3G, so, you need to download version 8.x install it, but do not open it. Just click done

Go back to the menu again and download direct FRP bypass. Install it and Click open. Add any Google account via navigator

For more    details, watch the video bellow: 

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