S124DL TEST POINT | EDL Mode 9008

s124dl test point s124dl edl mode

S124dl test point | EDL Mode 9008

S124DL TEST POINT | EDL Mode 9008

In this article, we will show you the real image of the EDL mode and test point for the Samsung Galaxy S124DL. test point can help  to bypass FRP lock, or reset user data on your device via any box supports qualcomm CPU. In this short article, we will also guide you on how to put your Samsung Galaxy S124DL into 9008 EDL Mode.

S124dl test point


The understanding of the test point android smartphone and its function in the field of repairing the phone is used to repair the damaged android phone in the ic flash section.

The repair can be done by hard test point or soft test point method depending on the type and brand of the android smartphone being repaired, the level of damage ic flash corrupt and the level of security lock loader of the flash IC itself

 this pins was tested on this device bellow . see the picture bellow
S124DL  software info

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