A015f frp reset by miracle box

A015f frp reset by miracle box

A015f frp reset by miracle box

A015f FRP RESET BY MIRACLE BOX. To bypass google account on samsang A015f U1, U2, U3 and U4, miracle thunder is needed. As you will see at the buttom of the page, in a video, I used miracle box to reset FRP on samsung A015f. I have not tried to reset frp on u5 and later, but from u1 to u4 supported on miracle box.

A015f requirements to reset frp by miracle

A015f can be reset easily by miracle box. First, you need miracle box. If you don’ t have it, I am in touche with you. I can share with you my miracle thunder. Second, you need to knwo are test point of your device a015f. Third, drivers are needed to be installed on your computer.

A015f test point

each phone ha a specific test points or test pins. for A015f click here to its test points . Connect the two point and connect your phone to the computer.



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