M1908C3JGG Redmi note 8 2021 imei is repaired by CM2

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M1908C3JGG Redmi note 8 2021 imei is repaired by CM2

M1908C3JGG Redmi note 8 2021 imei is repaired by CM2. Redmi note 2021 is MTK CPU unlike redmi note is qualcomm CPU. A client  told me that his phone redmi note 2021 (M1908C3JGG) lost its IMEI. I asked him how did this happen? He said that his phone was locked with mi account . He give it to a technician so his phone can be unlocked . Unfortunately, his phone lost its IMEI when the technician was trying to bypass this redmi note 8 2021, but he can not fix it.

requirements to repair imei of redmi M1908C3JGG by CM2

I personnally fixed redmi note 8 2021 IMEI. all what you need is any box supports mtk CPU. in my case i repaired redmi note 8 2021  imei, it was no service and no call. The first thing you have to do is you have to download two files nvram and nvdata. both of them are here

redmi M1908C3JGG imei repair by CM2

Repairing IMEI on redmi note 8 2021 .needs some boxes. You need a good box at MTK CPU such as CM2 , Unlock tool and hydra tool. In my case, i used CM2 to repair nerwork (imei) on redmi note 8 2021. If you dont have CM2 dongle, I can share it with you remotely. Contact me

redmi M1908C3JGG drivers 

to work on M1908C3JGG , you need to install its drivers on your computer. click here to install drivers.













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