fake charging system

It is a fault most andriod phone users has been facing which makes phone owners to be disturb and most of all waste their time.

Causes of fake charging system

1. The phone getting into contact with WATER.

2. Main lines not getting access to the BOARD

3. When the chargingLINES are having breakages

4. Weak power source can also lead to fake charging system

so these are some causes of fake charging system

Some possible solutions to fix fake charging system
  1. Using multimetre to check voltage from the charging system by connecting charger to the charging system. (acctual voltage should be 5.15 but not less than 5  voltage) note, when you get 5 voltage from the charging side, you should be able to get 4. 15 voltage at the battery teminal side but not also less than 4  . nevertheless you should also check if the voltage you are getting is very stable yeah so please note that as well. because you can get 5 voltage but that voltage you are geting could not be stable, so you have to make sure that the voltage you are getting is very satble.  to be able to know that the voltage you are getting is stable or not is that, after plugging the charger to the charging system board try and be shaking the charger whiles using the multimetre to check the voltage. should incase the voltage goes up and down this means is a fake charging .
  2. after checking if the  voltage flows in the charging system which means the charging system is working properly, you now led the legs of the charging system well on the charging lines very well.
  3. if you get to know that the charging system is not working, then you have to now change the charging system completely because there is no way you can fix if the charging system is spoilt lol.
  4. now if your charging system is new and wroking properly but the phone is not charging well this means there is a breakages some where some how. so you have to make a jumper wire from the charging ic to the charging system respectively in essence that both the positive and the negative lines of the charging system is allocated to it’s appropraite place on the mother board or on the charging system boad.

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