how to root g610f by eft dongle

root file for j7 prime

  • first oppen eft pro
  • select sammsung as you see in the picture
  • select g610f xx
  • check root
  • put your phone in download mode
  • click start

to make sure your phone is rooted check it from read adb as you see in the picture

Connecting to device…..OK

Reading device info…..OK

Baseband Version: G610FDDU1CRJ5

Serial Number: R58K21FFQ4Y

Device Arch: exynos7870

Device bootloader: G610FDXU1CRL2

Device selinux: enforcing

Device warranty bit: 1

Device Firmware: G610FXXU1CRJ4

Android version: 8.1.0

Device SDK: 27

Device data encryption: encrypted

Firmware Country: India

Device Hardware: samsungexynos7870

Device CPU: armeabi-v7a

Device Factory: samsung

Device Model: SM-G610F

Device IMEI: 355726092574426

Root status…..Rooted { Adb direct }

Operation {Read Info} ID: 0F0B6188021668F9FA8871414213DBC5

Elapsed time 00:00 — Version 1.7.2

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