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brave browser, how to download the most secured browser in the world

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Why use Brave?
it has been proved that Brave browser is the most secured browser in the world. Based on Chromium, Brave is a web browser that focuses on privacy, fluidity and native ads blocking. It has been developed since 2016 and designed by Brendan Eich, also co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and creator of JavaScript.

This web browser allows pages to be loaded by providing security and privacy functions. Above all, it allows you to synchronize your browsing and favorites between all your devices because Brave is available on Windows as well as on Linux, macOS and Android and iOS mobile devices. This synchronization called Brave Sync is still in Beta version and may encounter some malfunctions.
Safety in the foreground

The Brave browser is committed to the security and respect of the user’s privacy. Thus, it automatically activates the HTTPS Everywhere option which allows its connection to be encrypted, even on unsecured websites. It is possible to use the Tor network for private browsing to maintain online privacy. Also with this in mind, the browser also includes several search engines including Qwant by default, Google, DuckDuckGo or Bing.

Security features include Shields which is a protection system that blocks ad trackers, scripts, cross-site cookies, and items that collect the digital fingerprint. This set of shields greatly limits online tracking and preserves the privacy of users vis-à-vis servers and ad service providers. On this point, Brave seeks to guarantee a different footprint per navigation and per session to become untraceable online, at least on the part of advertising agencies.

download from  here

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