how to unlock blackberry 8900 by miracle box

blackberry 8900 network unlock by miracle box

Are you using blackberry 8900? If yes, are you looking for a way to find network unlockt code? If yes is your answer again, you are in the right page. You are in the page where you can unlock  your device. To use any sim card in your phone, follow my coherent instructions  bellow.

  • install BlackBerry Desktop Software (this software has drivers for all blackberry)
  • make sure that the software have been installed on your computer
  • oppen your miracle box
  • select blackberry in the menu
  • in repair section – advance: choose (MEP (0) unlock
  • swich on your phone and connect it to the computer
  • click execute

if the drivers are not correctly installed, you may face this error as in the  picture

drivers are not installed

if you have installed everything, you will not face any problem. the following photo is expected to be shown

this method works on other blackberry devices such as

  1. blackbery 8900
  2. blackberry 8520
  3. blackberry 8510
  4. blackberry 8100
  5. blackberry 8110
  6. blackberry 825
  7. blackberry 8230
  8. blackberry 8800
  9. blackberry8220

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