how to root g800f (GALAXY S5 Mini)

Warning: the following operations at your own risk, devices fixer  is not  responsible for any problems encountered, please follow the instructions and do not touch your phone during the installation process!

The requisites for installing the ROOT on your GALAXY S5 Mini G800F

• Have a sufficiently charged battery; it must be at least 60%.

• Have the original Samsung USB cable, otherwise you may get a “FAIL” in Odin3.

• Make sure you have closed other applications before launching Odin3.

• Close Kies processes via Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Supp) before running Odin3.

• Remember to save all your personal data before starting this operation.

• Have the USB drivers properly installed, if not, install “Samsung Kies” or the driver package from the official website  Samsung Kies Samsung Kies allows you to connect your Smartphone to your computer, making it easier to synchronize data between devices & search for new applications.

• Download the Cf-Auto-Root file: : :root is often practiced in order to remove the limitations of the operator and some constructors, which then allows modify or delete system applications or settings, launch applications that require administrator rights, or perform other actions that are normally impossible for users3. The rootage also allows the total removal and replacement of the operating system, to put one that is personalized, or newer.

Install the ROOT on its GALAXY S5 Mini G800F

1. Unzip the file “”, you will get the following files:

o CF-Auto-Root-kminilte-kminiltexx-smg800f.tar.md5

o Odin3.ini

o Odin3-v3.07.exe

o tmax.dll

o zlib.dll

2. Launch the file “Odin3-v3.07.exe” as administrator, then click on “PDA” and add the file “CF-Auto-Root-kminilte-kminiltexx-smg800f.tar.md5”.

3. Do not put anything in the “PIT” box.

4. The “Re-Partition” box must be unchecked.

5. The boxes “F. Reset Time “and” Auto Reboot “must be checked.

6. Turn off your GALAXY S5 Mini completely.

7. Press the “volume down + home + power” buttons (in this order) and hold them down until the warning “Warning!” Appears, at this point, release all and then press ” volume up “to access the download mode.

8. Here, connect your phone to your PC via the USB cable.

9. Check that your mobile is well recognized by your PC, the box “ID: COM” must be colored in blue with a message “[0: COMx]”. The “Message” box should also display the message “<ID: 0 / 00x> Added !!”.

10. If this is the case, click on “Start” to start the installation of “Cf-Auto-Root”. After 6 seconds, the box Odin3 will display the message “PASS!” In green, that’s it, your phone will restart all alone with the ROOT installed.

11. If this is not the case or if the Odin3 box displays the message “FAIL” in red, check your USB drivers and redo the operation with another version of Odin3 or on another PC.

12. Go to Google Play and install the “SuperSU” app to complete the ROOT procedure

To check if the ROOT procedure was successful, install the “ROOT Checker” application via the Play Store.

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