A260f/A260G (samsung A2 core) FRP reset by z3x

Are you using Itel A260f or A260G phone ? If yes, are you looking for a way to flash it or to remove its google acccount? If yes is your answer again, you are in the right page. You are in the page where you can flash  your device. To use your phone again, follow my coherent instructions. FRP is a acronym for Factory Reset Protection. it  is an operation made by people to remove screen lock, password, or any kind of security of their phones.

If you reset your phone, indentity checking step is expected. You will be asked to type the Gmail that previously sycned on your phone to prove that the phone is yours.

If you don’t remember the gmail, you have to follow the following instructions:

  • Download, depending on type of security on your phone, the combination.
  • Put your phone on download mode and flash it with the combination firmware.
  • Put your phone on download mode,again.
  • Flash it 4 files : boot, pda, cp, csc.
  • Note: dismark these elements :
    User data
  • Now, flash your phone and enjoy.

If you don’t have z3x box, you can use Odin.

I know two methods:

The first one is to select home csc, not csc file.

The second method is to extract pda file using 7zip and remove the three files:

  • User date
  • Cache
  • Vendor

Now, compile the files kept as a TAR format using 7zip program.

watch this video to if you do not have z3x box


Flash your phone and enjoy.

links to download:

for a260f u3:



for a260g u3




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